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Charges should be included in Profiles in order to more quickly enter commonly used billing units

SOAP 1.0 is much easier to quickly input charges, and include comments in the associated drop boxes such as treatment provided for each CPT code. SOAP 2.0 would benefit from improving the efficiency of this and reducing the number of "clicks" it takes to input treatment notes and codes.

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  • Sep 14 2021
  • Future Consideration
  • Nov 24, 2021

    Admin response

    Hello, and thanks for your feedback! While we don't currently support the ability to add charges to a profile we may consider it in the future. One area that you can leverage to facilitate the ease of adding charges is adding "Planned Procedures" to your profile. Anything that is selected as a "Planned Procedure" will automatically pull that CPT code to the top of the list when adding charges. For example, adding Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise as a planned procedure would then result with 97140 and 97110 as the first options listed, eliminating the need to "search" for them.

    In the meantime if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment or contact WebPT Support using support@webpt.com.

    Here is a link to how you can add planned procedures to a profile:


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