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Please Add these commonly used CPT Codes to the Charge Summary (US, Traction, Vasocompression...)

For a treating PT there are about eight CPT codes we use that were in 1.0, but are missing from 2.0 . We have had several errors of the therapist entering a custom code incorrectly and the claims not being transmitted because of this.

Please Add the following more commonly used CPT codes:

  1. 97035 - Ultrasound

  2. 97012 - Mechanical Traction

  3. 97016 - Vasocompression

  4. 97018 - Paraffin Bath

  5. 97033 - Iontophoresis

  6. 97545 - Work Hardening (initial two hours)

  7. 97546 - Work Hardening (each additional hour)

  8. 97002 - Re-evaluation

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  • Aug 28 2020
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