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Dont make the office staff Hate 2.0

Today, when we try to open a patient it takes us right to the 2.0 page. We were trying to find othe RX expiration date?? We clicked on patient info, but then realized it takes us to the page were we can edit things. That does not help.

To look up a Doctors phone number if a 2,0 patient we have to go to the find DR and go in and search. We used to just click on the doctors name and their contact info came up.

Also from a patient in 2.0 to get back the the old main page which has all of the info we need, we have to click patient payments.

On a daily basis, we use the additional ino section in patient info to quick reference things, etc. know we have go into the edit section??

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  • Sep 3 2020
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