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Missing vertical plane for saccades

There is an option for horizontal and vertical planes for smooth pursuit, but not saccades. Saccades only currently has an horizontal option.

Please like this post to get "Normal findings in vertical plane bilaterally" added to saccades to match the smooth pursuit options :)

  • Guest
  • Apr 5 2022
  • Planned
EMR / Content
  • Apr 8, 2022

    Admin response

    Hello, and thanks for your feedback! Adding vertical planes for saccades is an enhancement that we don’t currently have planned, but may consider in the future. We’ll make sure to let you know if this feature is delivered.

    In the meantime, if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment or contact WebPT Support using support@webpt.com.

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  • Admin
    Keith Favreau commented
    15 Dec, 2023 07:50pm

    Apologies! Somehow this got lost. We are fast tracking it now. Should be available in January.

  • Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2022 12:32pm

    Yes, testing both vertical and horizontal saccades are very important.

  • Admin
    Keith Favreau commented
    2 Aug, 2022 01:09pm

    Thanks for the input and votes. We are adding this field to our content later this year. Not sure if we should also add it to our standard profiles for vestibular therapy. Does anyone use the vertical plane for saccades to help diagnose?

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