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Allow sections to be carried over from note to note instead of re-adding during every daily note.

Every time we open a daily note, the sections that were opened and we clicked "add to note" in the previous note should already be added to the next note as it is HIGHLY likely that those will be the exact sections we will add in every most daily notes. We should have the option to un add these sections, as well, if we added an abnormal section to the note in the previous daily note. EXAMPLE: I currently am required to click and add the "Patient Presentation" section every single medicare note. Same thing with charges. I would like to have the option.

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  • Nov 18 2020
  • Future Consideration
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  • Guest commented
    10 Dec, 2020 09:50pm

    Hi Alex, there are a few sections in the note that we automatically carry forward each time, such as Problems and Goals, Planned Treatment and Schedule, and Diagnosis. We will discuss with our compliance team if we can apply the same functionality to other areas of the note. Thanks for your feedback!

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