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Referring provider option of "Self Referred"

Current WebPT has a "Direct Access" as a physician that can be used as the referring provider in a patient's chart, but it does not appear on claims. Please add "Self Referred" with the NPI of 0000000000, with the ability for it to be listed on the claim forms.

There are some insurances out there that require that "Self Referred" be listed as the referring provider for proper claims processing.

It's extremely time consuming for us to remove and add in this in a patient's billing account to have it appear on the claims forms.

  • Guest
  • Dec 16 2022
  • Future Consideration
EMR / Other
  • Dec 21, 2022

    Admin response

    Hello, and thanks for your feedback! Adding a self-referred type on claims with a zero'd NPI is not a currently planned feature, but we may consider it in the future. We'll make sure to let you know if this feature is delivered.

    In the meantime, if you have any further questions feel free to comment or contact WebPT Support using support@webpt.com.

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