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WebPT Reach Employee Engagement

With burnout and employee retention becoming the forefront of conversation in the workforce, employee engagement data is becoming a crucial source for patient care. WebPT has the opportunity to become the leaders in employee engagement that focuses on Outpatient Therapy. As we know, employee engagement is a ripple effect to many things including productivity, performance, culture, and overall patient care.

WebPT Engagement through Reach would allow Members to create a Metrics Heat Map of patient satisfaction via NPS and comments, with employee satisfaction via NPS and comments. Automatic webbing through up to 100 key words would limit the manual process. Members would also be able to create custom trends based on their goals that reflect both employee and patient data. Leaders would be able to send results to Managers to focus on improvement efforts and assist with action planning. Graph trends would display year over year to show progression.

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  • Aug 20 2021
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