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Timestamping in task

RevFlow had certain features in tasking that WebPT Billing does not for instance seeing who created the task, on what date the task was created, who updated it last, date it was updated last. This is imperative to answer certain questions for the member, complete refund requests, suspending claims, or research Loss Approvals and if we owe the member or not. I know that I can see how many days a task is open, but

1. that requires more clicking which to me the more I have to click the more time I am wasting,

2. it's easy to lose the task when moving out of it

3. I have to figure out how many days ago that date was when before I could just look at the date. Again, more wasted time

Having the timestamp of the people that are editing the tasks just like it was in R4 is an integral piece of information that I need multiple times a week in order to efficiently do my job.


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  • Sep 29 2021
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