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Time in AR report is missing

As a function of basic AR (accounting 101), I would expect ONE report which will tell me how many days a claim spent in AR. If Joe Smith came to our clinic on Oct 15, it would be incredibly useful to know how many days that DOS/claim spent in AR. Not by line item, but by individual claim. Also all your reports now list everything by line item which is incredibly unhelpful in many cases. It is far more useful to know about the individual claim or DOS instead of the lines for the DOS. To my knowledge, there is no ONE report which will tell how many days a claim spent in AR. Perhaps I could do it if I ran multiple reports and then entered the data into Excel but this process is incredibly cumbersome, time consuming and defeats the purpose of billing software. I would expect this type of report to be a basic function of any billing software. And again, most of your reports are by line item instead of by DOS so this makes any reports more cumbersome and unhelpful because this method skews the information.

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  • Nov 22 2022
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