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Add a "Current Year" option to the drop down list in Addendums.

I finally realized that I need to routinely set Addendums to custom dates and set back to the beginning of the year to make sure I catch all of the addendums. When a provider addends an old, uncompleted visit and changes the date to be a current date, I don't see the addendum if I just use the default of 7 days. Sometimes, it is a visit from months ago. It gets billed with the wrong date and I come across it a couple of days later when I am looking for missed claims. That creates all kinds of extra work to correct the billing that went out for the wrong DOS. A "Current Year" in the drop down would make it a little quicker and easier. Also, the option for me to change the default from 7 days to one of the other selections.

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  • Jun 22 2023
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