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Billing for tomorrow's missed appointment

We should be able to add a charge for a future date and print it out today (Or at all)

For example, a patient has an appointment tomorrow but cancels today in violation of our 24hr policy, so I need to enter a charge for them dated for tomorrows appointment and would like to do that today to get the bill in the mail ASAP and keep things up to date. Unfortunately I realized that if I enter a charge for her dated tomorrow I cannot get the "Bill patient balance ledger" to generate a bill for her. It shows up if I search for it under scheduled sessions but cannot get it to show up on ledger so I can bill her. In fact it wont show up at all even if I bill it for tomorrow today then wait until tomorrow to print it. Essentially if I enter a bill for a future date it will never show up on a bill and I cannot bill it, I can only search for it. That should be fixed so I can bill a patient for tomorrow's date of service that they will miss.

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  • Sep 6 2023
  • Future Consideration
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