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WebPt Billing/Billing Exceptions

The Billing Exception Report in WebPt Billing is very slow when drilling into Exception Type and also Exception Reason. It also is just as slow when you have to use the back arrow to go back to the Exception Type and again when you arrow back to the Exception Reason. Having a large number of Exception Reasons can make opening the detail slow even with a minimal amount of exceptions there is still a delay.

I would also suggest we add the exception reason type to the next drill down which is the patient account detail. We find that the member drills down into the Exception Reason and while investigating the accounts forgets what the reason is and then has to arrow back, look at the reason and then drill back in to get back to the patients.

A total number of Patients, Cases, Charges, and payments attached to the Exception Reason page would allow the member to know how many rejections are sitting under each Exception Reason. This would be great for someone monitering thier Billing Exceptions without having to drill down into the account detail on each one.

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  • Feb 18 2021
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