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WebPT Billing - Ability to view a list of historically generated HCFAs

It would be very beneficial for RCM to be able to historically view an original HCFA that was generated. At this time WebPT only allows for the “re generating” of a HCFA.

The option to view any HCFA generated would allow for RCM to identify issues related to claims delay’s, nonpayment, payer system processing issues, and a number of other items.

From my point of view a “link” within the Billing History tab would make the most sense, and that link would take you to the image of the HCFA generated at that time. It one DOS was rebilled say 5 times, there would be essentially 5 links for each rebill that would show you the claim that was generated at the time of the rebill.

In the past Pivot has had to provide “original” HCFA’s for paper claim payers to settle payer issues one of which we would not of won if we were not able to provide that.

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  • Feb 25 2022
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