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Update Patient Statement Logic

This is the current code behind the logic that determines if a patient is included in a Statement file.

  • if 'Credit card Type' in company selected as 'ALL CC' or 'ALL NC' , the code will check the pat balance >4.99 OR ins balance > 0, in either case code will generate the statement.

  • For the second scenario, where 'Credit card Type' in company selected as 'CC' or 'NC' , code will check for pat balance >4.99 and also check for ins balance >=0 and if both the conditions met only then statement get generated.

However, if a patient has a balance of >=$5.00 and Insurance Balance <$0.00 = Credit, a Statement is NOT generated. From Pivot's standpoint and I would assume this would be correct too, a statement should be generated whether or not there's an insurance credit/balance, assuming the patient has a balance greater than $4.99. *Not sure if this scenario should apply to "All CC/NC" or "CC/NC", I would assume CC/NC.

You can reference D-10868 that was initially reported by Pivot to see why a patient wasn't included in a Statement file.

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  • Mar 11 2022
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