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Allow Multiple Company selections for Failed Charges report

Problem: A daily task is completed by both support and Crystal to simply identify the failed charges for organizations to then be distributed to the teams who will work on the failed charges. This used to be one simple report in R4, but in R6 this is a lengthy and manual process as follows: Today, it takes about an hour for support to run this report in the early morning hours and send to Crystal, and then Crystal to review it, divide it up by organization and to provide to her staff to work through this. Rodrigo spends 20-25 minutes a day, Crystal at least 20-25 minutes.

Enhancement request: Looking at the Failed Charges report: https://r6stagegold.revflow.com/report/report_data Modify the report so user can select more than one member (Company per this report) at a time. Be able to "Select All" or at least multiple Companies similar to what we see for the other two drop downs Practice and Locations in this report.

A follow-up request to this would be WB-I-863

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  • Jun 6 2023
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