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Enhancement to IP Registration Process

Description: Users enabled with "Allow Outside Access" require activation of new IP addresses via email (link sent after attempting to log in from a new IP). Currently, the IP access registration email will expire after 1 hour of the email being delivered.

Problem: Users are unable to activate a new IP address if the 1 hour window is missed. A new email is not sent. When a user attempts to log in from a new IP, the IP address appears on the user account as not enabled. Clicking on the link on the IP activation email enables the IP on the account. However, if the 1 hour time limit expires, the IP remains disabled with no way for the member is enable it themselves. If this occurs, an admin user or Support must enable the IP through the user's account.

Request: Enable a process for users to get a new IP activation email after the initial IP activation email expires.

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  • Jun 13 2023
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