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Track authorized units per CPT code used.

Some insurances, Aetna, require us to track the number of units per CPT code that are authorized instead of number of visits. It can be very time consuming to do this per patient, and leads to in accurate billing at times. It would be very helpful if WebPT could add this as an option in the insurance section when entering in a patient near the number of authorized visits tab.

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  • May 21 2020
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EMR / Other
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    24 Apr 01:23pm

    This would be great! We have to maintain a separate spreadsheet in the pt's chart for insurances that approve treatments by the CPT Code units. The current option is to only add total number of visits or total number of units. Our therapists may see they have units remaining, but don't realize they have exhausted all 97110 units, but have 97140 units remaining to treat the patient with.

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