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Allow SOAP 2.0 tabs to remain open (or optional)

While documenting in 2.0, selecting various tabs does not keep them open and will automatically close when selecting another tab (i.e. when documenting in the Objective section, if I complete annotations in Observation and select Inspection, it entirely closes Observation in order to open Inspection).

Is there a way to at least make this an optional feature?

  • Guest
  • Oct 18 2023
  • Future Consideration
  • Nov 2, 2023

    Admin response

    Hi Cody and thanks for your feedback. I can see the value of this. Would you want the option to close all subsections so then you can get the print preview of what your note looks like? This is something we're investigating as a future enhancement.

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  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2023 12:33am

    Thank you for your response. I think it would be worthwhile. Since the default is to select things that we want to open, I think it’s good to keep these things open and selectively close them rather than automatically. Or perhaps create an optional setting that a clinic admin can opt in/out of.

    Not a die-for, just a suggestion based on feedback from my clinic. I also feel that there are strategies to make it work regardless — but this would definitely contribute to the ease of flow and convenience.

  • Admin
    Keith Favreau commented
    28 Nov, 2023 08:26pm

    When the subsection closes, it still displays anything you have documented in this note. However, the ability to "pin open" a subsection for easy switching and documenting is something we have considered.

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