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Visit counter

Clients usually have a certain number of visits for a calendar year, given by their insurance company, it would be very helpful if there was a counter to keep track of the number of visits so the therapist is aware of how many visits they have used and how many they have left for the year.

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  • Mar 9 2023
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    5 Apr, 2023 05:53pm

    I agree that a visits report to be able to track these visit limits is essential. Not all insurances have authorizations needed, so when there are just general visit limit given by the insurance company based on patients policy, this is inputted under "Visits allowed" on the insurance tab. Currently, the only way to track this is by going into patient's chart and looking at their overview page for a case.

    It would be extremely valuable to have a report to pull this information so we can monitor more easily. For a clinic that has a large number of clients, it is unrealistic to go into every patient's chart to get this information. If a patient accidentally goes over their visit limit allowed by insurance company because we are unable to catch it in time, the cost is likely to fall to patient responsibility. A report to track the visit limit would likely prevent this as we would be able to catch them approaching the max limit ahead of time and adjust our frequency/duration or potentially request more visits from the insurance company before that happens.

    Please consider creating a Visit Limit report so that this information can be tracked more easily and there is less risk to patients.

    Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    21 Mar, 2023 04:14pm

    We use the 'Visits Allowed' box when adding insurance to keep track of their visit cap (non-Medicare patients) for the year. It pops up on the patient's main page next to authorizations. I hope that's helpful!

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