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Make the authorization watch dummy proof

I think that the auth watch button if turned on should actually alert you about an auth even if there is no auth in the system. Example, you send a request to a PCP for an auth and it has not come in from the PCP yet. And you bill it, forgetting that you needed an auth. There is no alert. But if the auth alert could be turned on, it would require the billing person to be alerted around the idea that something regarding auths is needed. It would then hopefully trigger the trained brain of the biller to go look...and viola, they would see that oh yes an auth is needed, we don't have one and leave the alert on so we don't bill claims without an auth. Then once the auth is in the system, the biller can turn the alert off. How do I know this is a good idea. Well I no longer have an office person. I treat a case load and single handedly run my office now. Well I thought if I turned on that watch button to alert me, it would do just that, alert me! Preventing me from billing stuff without auths. Guess what it doesn't. And I am smart, so I now have dummy referrals in my cases and the auth watch on to alert me. But that is a lot of work putting in fake auths with 0000000 as the auth number and an expired date so the system works. Why should I have to find a work around for a feature that seems it would be inherent in ana alert system!

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  • Jun 14 2021
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