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A way to track the number of incomplete notes in SOAP 2.0

When a note isn't complete in SOAP 1.0, there is a box that tells you the number of incomplete notes. SOAP 2.0 doesn't populate in that box. So all incomplete notes in SOAP 2.0, you have to keep track of mentally and scan the schedule to ensure that you do not miss anything. Without this counter, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of your notes without having a separate tracking system outside of WebPT. A simple counter box would be a great solution.

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  • Jul 24 2020
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  • Guest commented
    8 Dec, 2023 05:23pm

    SOAP 2.0 needs a better system to determine missed notes. The new report in Analytics is extremely slow and it does not update in real time. And currently, my therapists don't have access to it, only the management does. There is approximately a 2 hour delay with this report updating. I thought SOAP 2.0 was supposed to improve our workflow, not make it more inconvenient and time consuming. please fix this! If the missed notes report on the left hand side would be accurate with 2.0, that would be great. It loads quickly and is easy to change the date range.

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug, 2022 03:15pm

    what is the status of having missed notes show on the agenda?

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2022 05:18pm

    Do we as a clinic have to switch to the 2.0 system? This reminds us of RevFlow which is what we had and why we switched to WebPT. Can we stay with the original system? If not we will be shopping for a new system.

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2021 10:40pm

    I agree with the comment that it needs to show in Missed Notes. And needs to show what column it was scheduled under, not just assigned therapist or who just opened/started the note. It's been a nightmare trying to highlight through pages of analytics open notes.

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2020 04:02pm

    ...As well as "missed notes."

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