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A notification that a patient has no more scheduled appointments

Just like there is a reminder that a Plan of Care is expiring or that Progress Note is Needed, can you give us a reminder that notifies us on the patient file that a patient has not further scheduled appointments? Often times patients forget they only scheduled 4 weeks of therapy and then show up on their regular time on week 5 assuming they still had standing appointments and they do not. We keep an eye on this but inevitably some patients get missed. A quick reminder in red on the patient file would be super helpful because we as the therapists look at this every day and the red text notifies us and gets our attention.

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  • Mar 2 2022
  • Mar 3, 2022

    Admin response

    This is a feature we created in our next generation documentation that we are working to release to all WebPT members. I included a screen shot for reference.

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